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Liquid Force SHANE 134 Wakeboard 2011

Best of the BEST

  • Aggressive, Three-Stage Rocker - Hard hitting pop that boosts you straight up. Truly compliments the wake to wake rider.
  • Double to Triple Concave Hull - Deep double for precise sweet spot lift under your feet. Triple concave with big center single for ollie power and pop.
  • Lifted Variable Edge Rail - Rounded rail in the center for a forgiving feel, sharp rail at the tail for edge control and response.
  • Shallow Canted Inside Fins - Placed at the edge of center tip, acts as extension of concave to maximize thrust through center.
  • Molded in Warped Long Base Side Fins - Smooth water flow, superior hold, minimum drag.

Length:134.2 cm (52.83 in)

Mid Width:16.73 in (42.5 cm)

Rocker: 2.44 in (6.2 cm)

Rocker Type: Aggressive three-stage

Skill Level:Advanced

Construction:Polyurethane foam core wrapped in glass

Fin Configuration:Four molded-in fins on each end

Rider Weight:90 lbs (41 kg) to 170 lbs (77 kg)

Stance Width:21 in (53.34 cm) to 25 in (63.5 cm)

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