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"5" face"Arial">Alpha Liquid Force '05 Small

"4" face"Arial">Ready to rock in wakeboard bindings?

Here they are, the ALPHA Small

"4" face"Arial">Brand New Pair 2005 model, in the box and ready to

roll! Suggested retail $250

"4" face"Arial">Size Mens 4-7 --- Womens 5-8.5

"2" face"Arial">Company comments: While everyone else is scrapping to match the performance and value of the Alpha, we are refining it to

make your riding more enjoyable. Your feet will thank you for the support and

comfort provided by the revolutionary new molded heel and toe. You, Gregg

Necrason and riders around the globe will agree this high performance boot is

the lightest, most comfortable and versatile boot ever offered. It is in a

league of its own complimented by stylish and affordable performance. Suggested

retail $249.99

  • "2" face"Arial">Sewn Overlay technology/ integrated stretch

    zones - Provides maximum style, support and comfort with flex and release

    where needed. Easy in and out.
  • "2" face"Arial">Molded EVA/Lycra Heel - Molded heel kidneys to lock your heel into riding position providing support and response. Lycra

    provides soft feel, easy entry, and superior hold. The most comfortable heel

  • "2" face"Arial">Molded EVA/Lycra Toe - Molded to eliminate pinch and pressure points and fit your foot the way a boot should. Lycra

    provides soft feel, easy entry, and superior hold. The most comfortable toe

  • "2" face"Arial">Canted Footbed - Your arches, feet, ankles, knees and doctor will thank you for this one.
  • "2" face"Arial">C.M.P.(Composite Molded Plate) - Molded Aluminum insert and Composite Glass make up this ultra responsive plate. It is

    the stiffest, most durable plate in its class. Transfers directly to your

    board, making it more responsive.

"4" face"Arial">Shipping $15 via UPS ground ($20 Canada)

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