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JETT 132 Liquid Force (Witness) Wakeboard 2011

Brand new in the shrink wrap - Awesome Board - Awesome Price

Same board as mens Witness, just different graphics

Liquid Force Jett Wakeboard - Womens 2011. Amber Wing is the most progressive females rider on the planet. Which is why her pro-model, the Liquid Force Jett Wakeboard, is not different. Its the most aggressive womens shape in the line designed to provide superior speed and performance. If youre looking to fly, pack your bags and hop on this Jett!

  • Special Features:Winged Rail Shape: Side slots for extra bite in the flats and quicker release off the wake - Double Concave V-Tail: This tail design controls water flow through ends for extra thrust and lift - Molded In, Canted long base side fins
  • Rocker and Base Features:3-Stage Hybrid rocker: This rocker features a straighter curve through the center for consistent edging and speed into the wake for bigger wake pops
  • Construction:DISC Hull through the center: Double,inside single concave provides lift and generates speed while breaking apart water for cushioned, pillow soft landings
  • Rails/Edges:Variable edge rail: Rounded rail in the center for a forgiving feel, sharp rail at the tail for edge control and response


  • Width:41.9cm/16.5in (132) 42.5cm/16.8in (136)
  • Ability Level:Advanced - Expert
  • Construction:DISC
  • Fin Configuration:(2) Molded In, Canted Lone Base Side Fins (1) Back Center
  • Rider Weight:70-150lbs, 31-68 kg (132), 100-180 lbs, 45-81 kg (136)
  • Rocker Size:5.6cm/2.2in (132) 5.7cm/2.3in (136)
  • Rocker Type:Three - stage Hybrid
  • MSRP: $329 USD
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