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JETT 136 Liquid Force (Witness) Wakeboard

Brand new in the shrink wrap - Awesome Board - Awesome Price

Designed for the rider looking to edge, pop and fly more explosively than they ever have. If you are looking to take your riding to the highest levels, the Jett is the perfect three-stage ticket to fun! And the dirty little secret is the Jett is the the same board as the Liquid Force mens Witness, just different graphics.

  • Three stage, hybrid rocker - Straighter curve through center with accelerated kick out the tips smooth transitions into the tail section for a higher trajectory off the wakes.
  • D-I-S-C hull - Double-Inside-Single-Concave - softens landings and maintains board speed.
  • Double Concave V Tail - Controlled water flow through ends for extra thrust and lift.
  • Variable Edge Rail
  • Molded-in Deep, Canted, Long Based side fins - Unbelievable hold with large inside face of the fins while maintaining allow outside profile for no hang-ups.
  • Winged Rail Shape - Side bite slots for extra bite in the flats and quicker release off the wake.

Rocker type: Progressive three-stage

MSRP: $359.00 USD

Skill level: Intermediate/Advanced

Size: 136 cm - Weight range: 100 - 180 lbs

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