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Liquid Force CARDIGAN COMP 2011 Vest 34"-37" - Non CGA

Mens Small 34"-37"

Check it out it - is reversible for a whole different LooK. Two vest in one. Red plaid/black inside. Look as COOL as you feel.

Pull over design with no zippers or buckles to get in your way. Ultralight, quilted and segmented foam provides you with a lightweight vest that fits perfectly. This vest is a favorite of our team for good reason.


  • Pullover System-Increased forward flex and comfort, no zippers to get in the way.
  • Quilted EVA Panels-Ergonomic panels molded to fit you perfectly.
  • Super-Stretch Neoprene-Flex panels allow vest to move with you not against you.
  • Strapless-Clean and simple. Nothing to get in your way on handle passes.

This vest is not considered a life jacket. Not Coast Guard Approved.

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