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S4 134 Liquid Force Wakeboard


Liquid Force S4 Wakeboard When building a board for a guy like Phillip Soven, Liquid Force had to create something that performed equally well in all environments. Well known as a contest killer, Phil truly excels in all aspects of his riding. His signature board has everything that you could want and is as consistent as they come! Fast edge hold when you need it, and a 3-Stage rocker helps provide that boost that Phil Soven is known for!

  • Special Features:Carbon X Layout increases torsional rigidity through center of board to match Philips preference.
  • Rocker and Base Features:Progressive, 3-Stage rocker: Gives a higher trajectory arc off the wake and a smooth transition from middle to the tail. Center line single cent: Tip vent detaches water flow across center line for increased speed. Deep cutaway long base side fins/Shallow inside blade fins: Long base for superior hold and cutaway trailing edge for quicker release off the wake. Shallow blades at the top of the inside V for more control
  • Construction:Double concave, Quad V Hull: Softer landings, faster rail to rail, more lift and softer landings.
  • Rails/Edges:Low volume rails: Low volume equals faster, more positive holding rails
  • Weight range: 90-170 lbs
  • Rocker type: Three-stage 2.5 in
  • Skill level: Advanced - Expert

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