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  • Rider weight 160 - 240+ lbs

Slightly updated for 2014 with cleaner lines and a crisper flex, the Liquid Force Slab Wakeboard is built to get everyone into the rail riding game! Its an all wood core board that provides a stiff, yet snappy flex to pop off flat water with ease. With a durable Extruded Base and a rounded Liquid Rail, the Slab offers just enough forgiveness to prevent the hard slams that are inevitable as you progress your way up the jibbing ranks! Whether its your park and boat board or simply your rail riding quiver board, the Liquid Force Slab Wakeboard is a super fun, buttery board that will keep you smiling through your entire session!

  • ROCKER TYPE - Progressive Three Stage Rocker For a straight up pop behind the boat, and catch-free transitions in the parks, this rocker style works great in both worlds.
  • HULL - Clean Flat Planing Hull Smooth and catch-free on all features

RAILS/EDGES - Radiused Liquid Rail Sidewalls Rolled elastomeric edges provide unsurpassed durability and a forgiving ride.

  • Liquid Force Exclusive Liquid Rail Elastometric sidewall created as the ultimate rail bond with unsurpassed durability. Give your board the ultimate beat down and the Liquid Rail will keep it protected.
  • CORE - Full Wood Profiled Core Dialed in for the perfect snap at each size.
  • LAMINATES - Lightweight Biax Glass Layup LF's special weave provides the proper spring & snappy flex.
  • BASE - Extruded Grind Base
  • FINS - Liquid Force slider quad fin setup

This is a factory "blem" board, meaning there is a slight cosmetic imperfection. Cosmetic is the key word here, does not affect the ride, in fact 99 % of the time we can not even spot the reason for the blem rating. Typically the graphics do not line up just perfectly or the color may be a shade off. In fact if if you get the board and are not totally stoked, can send the board back for a full refund. Covered by full Liquid Force warranty.

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Width: 4.00 (in)
Height: 19.00 (in)
Depth: 59.00 (in)

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