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Liquid Force ULTRA LTD Boots

Size Mens 12-15

OPEN box - display model
  • IP ChassisNew for - Reliable, hassle-free adjustment Angle Locks hold strong and allow for easier stance adjustment than ever before.
  • Flex Fit Overlay - Stretch is back in a big way. The most comfortable, form fitting boot youve ever put on that still locks you down for a supportive ride like youve never felt before.
  • Internal Harness - Replicating that classic LF Ultra feel, in an easy entry and exit design. Ultimate heel hold down combinedwith ultimate flexibility for tweaking out those method grabs.
  • Liquid Fit - No heat molding necessary. Exclusive blend of ultralight foam that forms to your foot after a few rides. Mold your boots to your riding stance rather than a relaxed position in a shop.
  • EZ Glide Lacing - Specially designed laces and lace loops work together to lock you in and let you out of the boot quickly and easily.
  • Specific-Fit Design - Specially designed tongue allows for proper fit over multiple foot sizes per boot. Share the boots with a family member or your friends with similar sized feet.
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