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"5" face"Arial">Life Vest Liquid Force Woman Ladies NEW

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Life Vest Womens size 16 - XL - 39"- 42" PFD Coast Guard Approved

"MsoNormal">"Arial">This vest is designed by women for

women. Liquid Force Team riders helped find the perfect cut, and styling

to go on this vest. It will keep you afloat, and will keep the looks from other

boats coming. You are a Diva, so you might as well look like one on the water.

"MsoNormal">"Arial">Suggested retail was $110

"MsoNormal">"2">Anatomical, womens cut: Cut to

fit your features. Narrower and shorter

"MsoNormal">"2">Beveled foam

-The foam is beveled to be thinner where you need more mobility

"MsoNormal">"2">Coast Guard approved - For maximum

float. You will not sink, and you will not get busted by the marine patrol.

"MsoNormal">"2">Oversized arm holes - For better

mobility and freedom

"MsoNormal">"2">Neoprene outer shell - Comfortable

and lightweight

"MsoNormal">"2">Mesh drain holes - Lets water

escape. No water-logging. Keeps vest lightweight.

"MsoNormal">"2">Quick lock buckles - These ensure that you will stay locked in for your entire ride

"MsoNormal">"2">Front zip entry - Easy to access. Keeps flexibility in the back, where it



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