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Substance 134 Liquid Force Wakeboard

  • Scalloped Diamond Tail - Extended hold up the wake, and increased pop off the tail
  • Variable Edge Rail Shape - Soft in the center, sharpens as it nears the tail. A key element to this ride. Forgiving when neutral, locks and accelerates when weight is transferred to tail.
  • 3-Stage Rocker - Straight up explosion!
  • Removable, long-based center fin - Allows rider to fine tune the board to desired feel. Watson rides without for a loose, fun feel. Mere mortals will appreciate the center fin.
  • Quad channels that grow to deep molded in side fins - Exceptional hold, clean sliding on rails

Length: 134.00 cm/52.76 in.

Rocker: 6.09 cm/2.40 in.

Rocker type: 3 Stage

MSRP: $429.99 USD

Skill level:Intermediate /Advanced

Fin configuration: Three on each end. One 0.8" XLF center and two molded in side fins.

Weight range: 90 lbs. to 180 lbs.

Stance width range: 45.72 cm/18.00 in. to 60.96 cm/24.00 in.

Construction: Polyurethane foam Aerocore, PBT top

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