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"center">"5" face="Arial">NEW LIQUID FORCE TEAM 134 WAKEBOARD

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000000">Brand new Team

134 Still factory shrink wrapped and ready for some AIR.

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"2">"arial,helvetica,sans-serif">Gregg Necrason is the team veteran. He helped design and introduce the worlds first six-fin board, the Trip, into the public eye at X-Games 1997. Every board and rider has grown from this simple foundation. An

updated version of the classic Trip design, the Team is a thin and

lightweight board that utilizes cupped side fins to provide a

responsive grip with lightning quick turns complimented by super soft

landings from the double concave hull. This aggressive style blends

with the variable edge offering a manageable release off the wake.

Necrason helped design a board for the intermediate to pro level rider.

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  • Blunted bat tail shape/Increased

    rocker profile - More explosive pop created using the

    extended, full tail shape. More pop and easier to ride up

    todays bigger wakes.

  • 6-fin, dual-thruster - Ultimate

    hold up the wake. Lightening quick turn and smooth slip-free launches off the wake

  • Long-based cupped side fins - LF

    exclusive cupped fins are more effective in every aspect hold

    better, release quicker, faster with less drag
  • Variable Edge Rail Shape - Soft in the center, sharpens as it nears the tail. Forgiving when

    neutral, locks and accelerates when weight is transferred to

  • Single to double concave - Fastest water flow available. Allows board to keep moving and softens


  • Sculpted top deck -

    Lightest/strongest six-fin board on the market

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"BodyText">"Arial">"2">Length: 134.2 cm/52.8

Mid width: 16.7 in.

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"BodyText">"Arial">"2">Rocker: 2.3

Rocker type: Continuous

MSRP: $359.99 USD

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Skill level: Intermediate/Advanced
Fin configuration: Three on each end. One 1.2" LBF center and two

.6" CSC side fins.
Weight range: 100 lbs. to 170 lbs
Stance width range: 18 in. to 24 in.

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Aercore aerated Polyurethane core

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