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2005 Liquid Force Team 139 Wakeboard

Dude found this "Classic" TEAM 139 stashed in the warehouse. It is in like new condition except for some minor scuffing. So I need to put it down as used...but would give it a 9.5 out of 10 Awesome!

Not everyone rides the same. Contrary to what some closed-minded wannabees may say, we dont believe that everybody needs a three-stage rockered board. Our team has made this statement from the beginning. With riders like Cody Hall, Steve McKinley and Cody Ramsey ruling on the team, its pretty obvious. If you like a board that is fast, extremely responsive, consistently smooth with solid pop and unparalleled tracking, welcome to the Team. The Team is one of the best sellers for good reason.

  • Blunted bat tail shape/Increased rocker profile - More explosive pop created using the extended, full tail shape.
  • 6 fin, dual-thruster - Ultimate hold up the wake. Lightening quick turn and smooth slip-free launches off the wake.
  • Long based cupped side fins - LF exclusive cupped fins are more effective in every aspect hold better, release quicker, faster with less drag. Shiny materials dont equate to performance Dont be fooled buy what works.
  • Variable Edge Rail Shape - Soft in the center, sharpens as it nears the tail. No catch. Forgiving when neutral, locks and accelerates when weight is transferred to tail.
  • Continuous Rocker - Smooth, fast and predictable. Dont let anybody tell you what type of rocker works best for you, ride what feels right.
  • Single to Double concave - Fastest water flow available. Allows board to keep moving and softens landings.
  • Sculpted top deck - Lightest/strongest six fin board on the market
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