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Witness GRIND 132 Liquid Force Wakeboard

Display Model...light scuffing, never seen the water

Liquid Force Witness Grind Wakeboard : The ultimate cable board that does it all! Tom Fooshee has won just about every cable contest in the world on this board, so you know it is good to go! Go huge in the corners, throw a 10 off the kicker, or grind your favorite rails. Whatever you are into, the Liquid Force Witness Grind Wakeboard will take you there!

  • Special Features:Liquid Force Grind base: A bomb-proof sintered surface for unreal durability and all the park abuse you can deliver
  • Rocker and Base Features:3-Stage Hybrid Rocker: Center curve is designed straighter for consistent edging speed into the wake, corner, or rail. Smooth transition into exaggerated tail kink for increased ollie power.
  • Double Concave V-Tail: Controlled water flow through the ends creates extra thrust and lift
  • Construction:Molded-in Canted Long Base Side Fins: Unbelievable hold with large inside face of fins. No center fin needed!
  • Rails/Edges:Variable edge rail: Rounded rail in the center for a forgiving feel, sharp rail at the tail for edge control and response
  • Weight range: 70 lbs. to 150 lbs.

Length: 132.60 cm

Mid width: 41.90 cm

Rocker: 2.2 in

Rocker type: Progressive three-stage

Skill level: Intermediate - Advanced

Fin configuration: two molded-in side fins.

Construction: Polyurethane foam core wrapped in glass

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